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My First Doily – Sand Dollar Doily

I have made other, well kind of doilies in the past. I used round dishcloth patterns and used regular worsted weight yarn. This is my actual first real doily using #3 crochet thread. In the past I tried using #10, but it was way too small, I just couldn’t get my fingers and eyes to work right to make a doily. This is a pattern from the Five-Hour collector series from House of White Birches it’s called Sand Dollar Doily. It is a beginner pattern, without instructions on how to make the “pattern stitch”. With some help I was able to figure out what it should be. It turned out really good for my first attempt at making a doily. There is one extra stitch, I wasn’t going to take out a whole round for one stitch that can’t really be seen.

The color isn’t quite right in the photos. I used Red Heart crochet thread the color is Plum. The top doily photo is probably the closest in color.